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Floatation/Flotation Tanks and Pods | Rooms and Cabins | Pools and Baths

Float tanks are also known as isolation tanks, sensory deprivation tanks, floating tanks and samadhi tanks

View photos of the modelsWelcome to our list of floatation relaxation systems. If you are just starting your research, make sure to read the “Float Tank Buyer’s Guide“.  Prices are for base models with standard features; please consult the manufacturer for prices of special features and additional equipment. A blank field in the Price column means the company has chosen not to publish their prices and you must inquire with them directly. Please note there are two tables: Prices and Specifications. You can sort the columns in ascending or descending order simply by clicking the column’s title.


StyleCompanyModel NamePrice LevelCUR$PriceWebsiteCountryCode
Baths & PoolsFloat ConceptfloatOne$$$$$$EUR49.900WebsiteGermanyDE
Pods & TanksJüTaOva Clinic$$$$$EUR35.600WebsiteSwitzerlandCH
Cabins & RoomsElysium$$$$$EUR35.000WebsiteHungaryHU
Pods & TanksFloat Company $$$$EUR29.900WebsiteGermanyDE
Pods & TanksFloat StarCommercial$$$$EUR26.800WebsiteGermanyDE
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercial$$$$USD$35.000WebsiteUSAUS
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercial$$$$USD$30.000WebsiteUSAUS
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercial$$$$USD$35.000WebsiteUSAUS
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercial$$$$USD$32.500WebsiteUSAUS
Pods & TanksElysium$$$EUR18.000WebsiteHungaryHU
Cabins & RoomsHigh-Tech Floatation Custom$$$USD$28.000WebsiteUSAUS
Cabins & RoomsSalt Well $$$CAD$20.635WebsiteCanadaCA
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabResidential$$$USD$22.500WebsiteUSAUS
Cabins & RoomsFloating RestFloatation-Room$$$EUR16.950WebsiteSwedenSE
Pods & TanksFloat StarClassic$$$EUR16.800WebsiteGermanyDE
Pods & TanksAquason$$$EUR17.500WebsiteUkraineUA
Pods & TanksFloating RestAqua Anima$$$EUR16.950WebsiteSwedenSE
Pods & TanksJüTaOva Classic$$$EUR15.000WebsiteSwitzerlandCH
Pods & TanksJüTaOva Excelent$$$EUR21.500WebsiteSwitzerlandCH
Baths & PoolsHigh-Tech Floatation Base Spa$$USD$16.000WebsiteUSAUS
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabResidential$$USD$19.500WebsiteUSAUS
Pods & TanksSalt Well $$CAD$15.115WebsiteCanadaCA
Cabins & RoomsHigh-Tech Floatation Drop-in $$USD$15.000WebsiteUSAUS
Pods & TanksFloat StarKit$$EUR8.940WebsiteGermanyDE
Pods & TanksSamadhiClassic$USD$7.700WebsiteUSAUS
Pods & TanksOasisRelaxation System$USD$7.995WebsiteUSAUS
Baths & PoolsSalt Well Open Tank$CAD$8.260WebsiteCanadaCA
Pods & TanksResting WellSpiritEURWebsiteSwedenSE
Cabins & RoomsAlpen ManufacturEURWebsiteGermanyDE
Pods & TanksSenmaiEURWebsiteGermanyDE
Baths & PoolsFloat SPARoomEURWebsiteHungaryHU
Baths & PoolsOpen Float EURWebsiteGermanyDE
Pods & TanksTimeless TanksEURWebsiteSloveniaSI
Pods & TanksNicolas Wolf EURWebsiteThailandTH
Cabins & RoomsFloataway GBP£WebsiteUKUK
Pods & Tanksi-sopodGBP£WebsiteUKUK
Pods & TanksFloat SPACabinEURWebsiteHungaryHU
Pods & TanksFloataway Tranquility GBP£WebsiteUKUK
Pods & TanksFloataway GBP£WebsiteUKUK
Cabins & RoomsPlanetspaEURWebsiteGermanyDE
Cabins & RoomsOcean FloatroomsGBP£WebsiteUKUK
Pods & TanksFloat Tank AustraliaAUD$WebsiteAustraliaAT
Pods & TanksKoan FloatEURWebsiteNetherlandsNL
Cabins & RoomsInnwellEURWebsiteGermanyDE
Cabins & RoomsJüTaNautilusEURWebsiteSwitzerlandCH



All distances are in meters (m)
All areas are in square meters (sq. m)
StyleCompanyModel NameMaterialLengthWidthHeightL x W HeaterDIN 19643
Baths & PoolsFloat ConceptfloatOneFiberglass, Wall
Baths & PoolsFloat SPARoomAcrylic0
Baths & PoolsHigh-Tech Floatation Base Spa2.371.192.8
Baths & PoolsOpen Float 0
Baths & PoolsSalt Well Open Tank0
Cabins & RoomsAlpen ManufacturAcrylic4.41.61.47External
Cabins & RoomsElysiumFiberglass
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercialComposite2.442.442.136External
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercialComposite3.051.832.135.6External
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercialComposite2.441.832.134.5External
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabCommercialComposite2.441.222.133External
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabResidentialComposite2.441.222.133External
Cabins & RoomsFloat LabResidentialComposite2.441.221.223External
Cabins & RoomsFloataway 0
Cabins & RoomsFloating RestFloatation-Room2.
Cabins & RoomsHigh-Tech Floatation Drop-in 2.371.192.8
Cabins & RoomsHigh-Tech Floatation Custom0
Cabins & RoomsInnwell0
Cabins & RoomsJüTaNautilusFiberglass 0Floor, Wall
Cabins & RoomsOcean FloatroomsComposite0
Cabins & RoomsPlanetspa0
Cabins & RoomsSalt Well 0
Pods & TanksAquasonComposite1.742.811.384.9Internal
Pods & TanksElysiumFiberglass 2.61.751.84.6Internal
Pods & TanksFloat Company Fiberglass, Wall
Pods & TanksFloat SPACabinAcrylic2.51.91.344.8Internal
Pods & TanksFloat StarCommercialFiberglass 2.521.41.33.5External
Pods & TanksFloat StarClassicFiberglass 2.521.41.33.5External
Pods & TanksFloat StarKitFiberglass 2.521.41.33.5
Pods & TanksFloat Tank AustraliaFiberglass 2.281.381.33.1Internal
Pods & TanksFloataway Tranquility Acrylic2.521.61.614Internal
Pods & TanksFloating RestAqua Anima2.761.51.34.1
Pods & Tanksi-sopodFiberglass
Pods & TanksJüTaOva ClinicFiberglass
Pods & TanksJüTaOva ExcelentFiberglass
Pods & TanksJüTaOva ClassicFiberglass
Pods & TanksKoan Float2.71.81.554.9
Pods & TanksNicolas Wolf 0
Pods & TanksOasisRelaxation SystemFiberglass 2.521.421.143.6Internal
Pods & TanksResting WellSpiritFiberglass 2.61.651.354.3Internal
Pods & TanksSalt Well 0
Pods & TanksSamadhiClassicABS Plastic2.391.171.132.8Internal
Pods & TanksSenmai0
Pods & TanksTimeless Tanks0